SCI Aquagel

SCI Aquagel is a multi organic acid based acidifier. Aqua lawers the pH of feed, water, the upper portion of the gut of animals of the pH within the cell of acid-intolerant micro-organisms. This results in


More effective disinfections of the water supply
Reduced lime scaling in water lines
Improved digestion of proteins by young animals or birds
Reduced numbers of harmful bacteria in the gut
Decreased mould growth in feed


An improvement in growth is noted if Aqua is added to lower the pH of the water supply to 6.0-6.5. A reduction in pH to 4.5-5.0is required for maximum chlorine efficacy and reduces microbial loads.


Research result to date supports the replacement of antibiotic growth promoters by acidifiers. Birds and Animals grow faster with acidifier supplementation than without. Improvements in average daily gain have ranged from 3%-23% in poultry and pigs. Improvements in feed efficiency have ranged from 0.02%-13%. Many studies evaluating antibiotics to improve growth show similar results.


Aqua (mixed acidifier) help prevent or control diseases caused by micro-organisms that are sensitive to the action of acids. Aqua decreases many different types of micro-organisms, including coliforms (such as E.coli), Salmonella, anaerobic bacteria (such as Clostridium) and yeasts.



Lactic acid, Propionic acid, Acetic acid, Formic acid suitable vehicle


Green translucent liquid with strong acidic order.

 Bulk density

1.04-1.06g/cc approx.


1.0to2.0(10% solution)


100% water soluble


Stable for one year if kept in unopened original container



General information



Should be stored in a dry, cool place in closed containers


No incompabilities with feed ingredients


Available in 30 kg PE containers




Aqua is added as acidifier and ingestion promoter to the drinking water. Aqua can be used between 250 gms to 500 gms per ton of finished feed depending upon feed and its moisture content add at lower dose. Other factor would be the pH of the feed itself. Our aim should be to bring down pH of feed to 4-5. Aqua as a acidifier for drinking water also can used . its doses should be 30ml to 50ml in 100 liter    OR   300ml to 500ml in1000liter


Mode of action:


Aqua is an acidifier compound with an improving function over the availability and quality of nutrients as well as balance keeper of the microbial flora in the gut and digestive system of different species. It also reduces the buffer capacity of some feed components increasing the feed consumption and the effectiveness of antibiotic and vaccine treatments. It controls the microbial load in feeds, the proprionic acid in it has the best activity against moulds, and lactic & formic acids are effective against bacteria and yeasts.




All acids are hazardous. Never mix acids with products that contain chlorine. Never mix acids with other chemicals without confirming the safety of doing so.


Acidifiers are corrosive and reactive. Written operating procedures, staff training and documentation that proper procedures are being followed should be part of your standard management practices if you choose to use acidifiers.


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