SCI PHTYO-6 is the one of best chemicals in poultry form, which is presented by SHREE CHEMICALS INDUSTRIES. SCI PHYTO-6 is highly recommended for birds in layer form after energy and protein. It is third most required nutrient in poultry production. Birds can takes phosphorus form her plant feed but the major portion of phosphorus in plant feed is in the form of physic acid but birds can not take phosphorus directly form the plant feed because they can not produce the sufficient required percentage of phytese enzyme.  
SCI PHYTO-6 is an enzyme that catalyzes the stepwise removal of inorganic orthophosphate from physic acid. SCI PHYTO-6 is a phytase enzyme derived from a specially modified micro-organism to yield a stable and activity wise optimized product. It will hydrolyses plant phosphorus and calcium in the form more usable by the bird. SCI PHYTO-6 breakdown the complex stretcher by it ability to hydrolyses phytase and increased is phosphorus and calcium utilization.


SCI PHYTO-6 is an enzyme-produced through a spicily modified fungus. it is a artificial form of phytase which can be added to the diet, which will greatly increase physic acid use and decrease phosphorus appearing in the manure. SCI PHYTO-6 in the diet it will increases available phosphorus levels for ingredients in the diet.
SCI PHYTO-6 enzyme has the following advantages:

Ø      SCI PHYTO-6 supplementation to low phosphorus diet increased retention of total phosphorus, calcium, copper, manganese, magnesium and zinc thereby increasing availability of these essential elements in layer/ chick’s diet.

Ø      Hydrolysis of physic improves the overall nutritive value of diet through better utilization of trace minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.
Ø      The SCI PHYTO-06 incorporation transforms the poultry farming as more environment friendly by decreasing the quantity of unutilized nutrient.

Ø      The addition of SCI PHYTO-6 improves overall bird performance primarily through improving of micro and macro nutrients.
Ø      Illegal digestibility of major amino acids increased with SCI PHYTO-6 supplementations.

Ø      SCT PHYTO-6 supplementation in the feed increases the plant phosphorus utilization in the chick’s intestine and also reduces the phosphorus losses in excreta (40%).

Ø      Supplementation of SCI PHYTO-6  in piglet diets with 500u phytase activity/ kg feed increased the digestibility of phosphours from 44.2% to 52.4% (18.6% increase) and that of calcium from 44.2 to 51.7% (17.0%) increase. Supplementing piglet diet with 1500 u SCI PHYTO-6 activity/ kg feed also significances improved the weight gain (from 424g/d to529/d and FCR (from1.52to 1.65).




The standard testing method

Standard substrats

Shree Chemicals Industries phytase assay substrate is equal to 1% sodium phytate in acetate buffer 200 mM at pH 5.5.

Solution C:



TCA (Tri-chloro acctic acid ) 10% 10 gms TCA in 100 ml water. It should be confirmed that it is phosphorus free. Do not use TCA pipette in the enzyme which will cause denaturing of the enzyme.
Ascorbic acid 10% 10 gms in 100 ml water. Ascorbic acid should be stored at 4 C.
Ammonium molybadate 2.3% 2.5 gm in 100 gms of water.
6N Sulphuric Acid   18 ml of concentrated H2SO4 to make up 108 ml.

Take 1 ml 6N  H2SO4 add 2 ml water-add 1 ml 2.5% Ammonium molybadate and 1 ml 10% Ascorbic acid Mix well before use. Always prepare fresh solution for each day.


Take 10 mg enzyme sample to be tested, dissolve in 1 ml of acetate at pH 5.5 Add 0.5 m of standard substrate. This mixture is kept at 50 C for 30 minutes after that add 1 ml TCA to stop the reaction. Then add 1 ml solution C as indicator and leave it for maturation for 15-30 minutes. Make up volume to 5ml.

Cheek optical density of the resultant reaction solution at 650 NM using a spectrophotometer.

To convert the OD to unit of PPA please use plot the OD reading on the standard graph provided separately.

Unit is mentioned in PPU, which is amount of mm (milli molar) of phosphates formed per minute per gram of the enzyme used.

Demonstration method:

For demonstration of the functioning of the SHREE CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES phosphate ust replace standard with the feed to which SHREE CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES phosphate is required to be added and conduct the above test. Without SHREE CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES phosphate the feed will not give colour or if there is already some added phosphorous in the feed it will give lower OD as compared to the sample of feed to which phosphate is added.


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