Oxyclene is the most successful bleaching agent in detergent market .it is a unique product, which is presented by Shree Chemicals Industries. Oxyclene is ecofriendly and biodegable. It is active ecobleaching agent (non –chlorine) with the function of reducing oxidizing agent.oxyclene is phosphate free and stable alkaline system for safeguard of fabric it has disinfections action by which fabric will be germ free. It has no side effects on the strength of the fabric. Oxyclene is fully color safe if used as per recommended dosage and non-yellowing of fabric as seen in other process. Oxyclene is a reducing oxidizing agent i.e. it first reduces the water into its components and this nascent oxygen will oxidized the other subjects which are not permanent in fabrics so due to its working mood it will get an ideal position in bleaching agent.

Classification and Chemical Nature :-

Oxyclene is a group of derivative of dithionite. A circular of dithionite is presented by American heart research institute in 1995. It is an oxygen radical ans oxygen sensor it has also somesulphar group like as thiosulphate and sulphate as a impurity.

Physical Properties: -

Oxyclene is a light yellowish white crystalline powder free from visible foreign particle with slight odour.

Chemical properties: -

Oxyclene is soluble in water at room temperature in soluble in organic solvents. Effect of pH and temperature on the stability of Oxyclene .
Oxyclene containing solution was adjusted to various pH in the range of 2 to 12 at room temperature and allowed to stand for 24 hrs where effect of pH were measured. The observation confirm stability of Oxyclene at room temperature indicating that variation in pH has no appreciated effect on its activity as Shown in Fig.1


The activity of Oxyclene were measured at 100∙C for 3 hrs at 20 min intervals. The observation



Oxyclene is widely used for many purposes as a oxidizing agent or bleaching agent for its cleaning properties it has potential in textile industries, just industries, detergent and home & personal care industries in which it can be used widely.

Why used in detergent:-

Oxyclene is a reducing oxidizing agent or oxygen sensor i.e. it get the Oxyclene from water and managed nascent oxygen percentage in medium, that nascent oxygen will oxidized unrequited substances which are unpermanentally settled on fabric like as Greece, ink pan masala, durt, mud, sweet and tea stains etc.


Oxyclene in pure from is very stable and retains its stability when stored in a cool and dry place in sealed packages. It remains stable in the formulations where it is used as an ingredient provided that its incorporations to the batch  is done when total moisture is not more than 10% and temperature is not more than 100·C


Oxyclene is readily soluble in water at room temperature  in soluble in organic solvent .


Oxyclene is produced by a non – toxicogenic and non- pathogenic eco-friendly to ensure environmental safety. Non-toxic to animal, plant and human.


The recommended use of Oxyclene is 0.15 to 1 % of the detergent. the ideal dose of Oxyclene is 0.3% to 0.6 %


Oxyclene is available in a packing of 30 kg and 60kg packed in industrial drums.

Handling precautions:-

Oxyclene  is neither toxic by acute oral exposure nor by repeat exposure. It may cause slight irrigation of the skin but not sensitization of the skin . Unnecessary contact with the product and inhalation of the dust should be avoided. In case of spillage or contact with the skin or eyes rinse thoroughly with water .


To retain maximum activity, the product should be stored in moderate temperature in dry and airtight condition in original containers.


APPARTUS :- Test Tubes, Pippet, Conical Flask, Volumetric Flask.
3.Distal Water
Solution A  :- Take 5 gm sample of Oxyclene dissolved in 500 ml H2O  
(Diestal Water) sake it properly by which samples dissolved
Clearly and leave it for 10 mint.
Solution B :- Take concentrated H2SO4 20 ml and add in 80 ml distal   
Water and leave it for cool it for 15 minutes.
PROCDEURES :- 1. Take 100ml solution A in a conical flask.
2. Mix solution B 40 ml in these solution and sake it properly.
3. Titrate this solution in KMNO4 till than the pink colour and Note the burrete reading.
CALCULATION :- BR  X  0.008  X  500  X 100  X 1
                  100 X 5