SCI Polygel

SCI Polygel is a product of new generation that is eco friendly, biodegradable and safe to use in detergent powder and cakes by replacing use of conventional phosphates.

To meet out the parameters of future environment requirements SCI Polygel is specially designed product of advance stage that will be ahead all times in future.

SCI Polygel is a co polymer which prevents the re-deposition of soils replaces


CMC,boosts the detergency power and prevents incrustation because of excess of  carbonate ions etc.It has a mild chelating action.

SCI Polygel disperses the calcium and magnesium carbonates effectively and a test result of 280+ 10 has been achieved at 2300 C with pH 11.

SCI Polygel improves all basic primary functions of detergent, in addition to that it also contributes some important properties and improves the over all effectiveness of the detergent


It prevents re-deposition of soil on the fabric.

It acts as a booster to inhance the detergency synergistically

It prevents encrustation

It acts as a anti scalent in washing machines and it improves the performance and life  of the washing machine

It production process of detergent powders it maintains the consistency of viscosity  of the slurry so that the uniform spraying is facilated

It imparts good binding property and enhances solidification in cake making process
It can replace phosphates and CMC to large extent
It is practically non toxic and eco-friendly additive
Chemical Properties-
Appearance Golden yellow hazy to clear viscous liquid
Chemical nature  Acrylic acid-maleic anhydride copolymer.
PH of 10% soln                      7.5±0.5
Active contents(%)                42±2
Density 1.29 g/cc     (at 230C)
Average Molecular Wt 70,000(approx)

It is compatible with LABSA and other emulsifying agentsBut pre-trial is recommended                                                

Method of use-
In detergent powder after the slurry is neutralized with Soda,Zeolit, polygel can be spread out in the blender and allow to mix thoroughly.
Detergent Cakes and Dish Washing Bars-SCI Polygel can be added at last after adding all ingredients but before addition of the perfume in the batch.
For detergent powder and cakes      - 0.5-7%
For dish washing preparation and liquid detergents –0.5-3%
Lower does may not gives satisfactory performance. Similarly higher doses will not improve the results. An actual dose has to be worked out at end user by trial and error method as per required situation.
Toxicological Information-
Eye irritation not irritant.
Skin irritation  not irritant
Acute No other effects sound
Sub acute No other effects sound
Acute Rat, oral LD 50>1900 mg/1
Sub chronic  >6300 mg/1
Skin sensitizing No potential sensitizing effect observed.
Mutagenicity Not mutagenic