SCI FS   is the most unique & advance eco friendly fome booster for the detergent powder & cake for boosting the foaming of to meet out the better quality parameter and environment is chemically belongs to the anionic surfactants which is known as sulphar sulfonated surfactants it has the capacity to reduces the surface tension of water by which we will get the better fome in compression to outer surfactants likes as labsa, aos, sls, sles etc. it is specially disigen product of advances stages that will be add in all kind of formulations. It will be used widely in Home &personal care industries, Textile industry, Lather industry and Jute industry.


SCI FS is also known as sulphar sulfonated surfactants which generate extra fome and work as a fome stabilizer it shoos better foaming in detergent and soap . It will be used in textile and later as a dispersing agent or wetting agent 


SCI FS    is also has a good foaming in hard water (in the present of calcium & menace’s salt and carbonates). It will generates better foaming At the 5*C tempracher in compeering to other foaming agents


SCI FS has the capacity too boost the fome in very short time and hold the fome for longer time
It is also boost the cleaning property of the detergent powder & cake 
It can replays the other serfectences in a Recommended dose but pre-trial is required.


Chemical property

Appearance   golden yellow, hazy clear viscous liquid
Chemical anionic sulphar sulfonated surfactants
Ph of 10% solution        12­ +- 1 %
Active   conten 67+- 2%
Dainty 1.29/cc   [at23.c]
Commutability   it is compatible with labsa and other sulfacten but pretrial is Recommended                 
Method of use 

in detergent powder after the slurry is neutralizer with soda, zeolit 
 chemical it can be spread out in the blender and allow too mi