Physical Appearance  :- Creamish Yellow Free Flowing Power
  E11 Value :- 350+-10
  Whitening Effect :- Very brilliant white with a slightly Bluish violet cast 
in cellulose fibers And blended cellulose and synthetic  Fibers.
  Solubility in water  :- 0.8% at 20 deg C
2.0% at 60 deg C
  Shade on fabric :- Bluish Violet
  Substantivity :- High
  PH condition of application  :- Alkaline, neutral or slightly acidic
(pH not less than 5.5)
  Effective Temperature    :- 20-60 deg C
  Stability to Hydrosulphite  :- Excellent
  Stability to Per oxide  :- Excellent
  Stability to after treatment 
With chlorine
:- Fair
  Stability to Chlorine in bath :- Poor
  Fastness to washes  :- Excellent
  Fastness to Light  :- Good
  Product Whitening  :- Fair
  Effective in :- Anionic and non-ionic systems
  Heat Stability :- In alkaline condition, unaffected up to 120 deg C, therefore suitable for spray Drying operations.
  Uses :- Detergent, Soap, Linen, Cotton, Viscose, Rayon from long baths orPadding; paper in absence of high
Concentration of alum.


SCI HK is an Optical Whitening Agent of high substantivity excellently suited for incorporating in detergents. It will impart whites of high brilliance of a neutral blue shade on fabrics washed with the detergent.

Physical and Chemical Properties

SCI HK is a creamish yellow powder which can be readily dissolved in 50 times its own weight of hot steam condensate water. It is nit advisable to use very hard water for dissolving SCO HK as opalescence might result.

It is a preferable to use freshly prepared solutions, but stock solutions may be preserved, if so desired, in containers from which light can be excluded.

SCI HK is anionic in character and is capatible with all anionic and non-ionic soaps and detergents, but nit with cationic systems. SCI HK exhausts on to cellulosic material washed in soaps and detergents in a manner similar to direct dyestuffs.

SCI HK is stable in alkaline solution up to the temperature of 120 deg. C and hence does not decompose under spray drying conditions.

SCI HK stable to hydrosulphite and peroxide bleaching compounds, but relatively unstable in presence on hypochlorite. However, it is stable to hopochorite used after wash treatment.

SCI HK is effective over a wide range of temperatures. It is equally effective in soap powders and synthetic detergents. It gives excellent results at relatively low levels of incorporation and at washing temperatures between 25 and 65 deg C.

Build Up Properties

SCI HK has a high substantivity and as such builds up excellently. The desired whiteness will be achieved after 2 or 3 washes.